Music That Matters – “Project 50 Files “

“Music That Matters” is a multi-album series merging positive songs from a variety of genres for the purpose of bringing awareness to many issues plaguing today’s society.

Foster care/adoption awareness serves as the first issue to be addressed by “Music That Matters”. “Music That Matters: 50 Files” is a CD/DVD combo aiming to eliminate the classification of being “files” from children in need of adoption, by reminding the world that they are much more than a simple manila folder tucked in a drawer—they are unique, loving children longing for a home. The title song on “50 Files” is a beautiful ballad which personifies the importance of this mission by sharing the perspective of a child “living in a file”. The associated video features one child from each state serve as a representative for the cause. “Music That Matters: 50 Files” features songs from many of your favorite artists who have been touched by foster care/adoption or have played a role in its advocacy. Among the artists on this CD/DVD combo are Reba McEntire, Lee Ann Womack, Mark McGuinn, Steven Curtis Chapman, Dolly Parton, and several other well-known names in the industry.