Melodical Hearts Presents "Painted Hands"

A New Project Addressing Today's Equality Issues

Featuring a Choir of 50 Artists from 50 States

50 States, 50 Voices Unite for "Painted Hands"

“Painted Hands” is a song covering many heavy topics, and one that will touch hearts, and hopefully – heal souls. Its proof that music remains the universal language and that unity fosters amazing achievements.

While touring across the country, Wayne Warner found himself captivated by the tragic story of Virgil Ware. At the age of just thirteen, Ware was a victim of events related to the 1963 civil rights movement. “The story of this little boy pulled me in and I knew it had to be told,” says Warner. When hearing the stories of today’s equality issues (ie, bullying, social, racial, etc.) Warner felt that Virgil’s soul could have a voice in a way that would weave many of these issues together in a way that allows the music to have the conversation.

Nashville’s top musicians have gathered to record tracks for the song and video “Painted Hands”, and for the first time in history, this song includes a musician from each state, making up the "United States Choir". It includes Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis and subject related quotes from Will Smith and Johnny Depp. Country Music is well known for offering its time, treasure and talent to help great causes. The “Painted Hands” production presents a great platform where all come together to promote a message of unity and a national concern.

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50 States, 50 Voices Unite for "Painted Hands"