Major Rising - "Dare the World"

There is certainly strength in numbers, and that is the foundation of Major Rising. The collaborative vocal talents of Bryan White, Kevin Sharp, Mila Mason, Wayne Warner, Mark Collie, Jimmy Fortune, Linda Davis, and John Berry churned out the radio-driven single “Dare the World”, a fun and upbeat tune encouraging listeners not to give up on their dreams. “Just dream your dream and dare the world to wake you up.” The power of that one song eventually became the catalyst for the creation of a full compilation album in which each of the artists contributed a song of their own.

Below are some photos from the making of Dare The World.

From left to right, Jimmy Fortune, Wayne Warner, Linda Davis, Jason Grainger, John Berry

From left to right, Wayne Warner, Mila Mason, Kevin Sharp, Bryan White, Mark Collie

Linda Davis

Kevin Sharp & Wayne Warner
Bryan White, Mark Collie

Bryan White

Jimmy Fortune, Wayne Warner,
John Berry, & Jason Grainger

John Berry

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