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After performing a show with the group Lonestar, Atlantic recording artist Wayne Warner returned to his hotel room, oblivious to the inspiration he was about to receive. With the television remote in hand, he found himself searching through multiple channels until stumbling upon a program featuring an organization called The Heart Gallery. Warner became immersed in admiration as he learned about The Heart Gallery’s unique techniques of capturing photos of children in need of “forever families” and exhibiting the spectacular portraits throughout multiple venues. His mind racing with wonderment and insight, a new chapter instantly began in his recording career.

Driven purely by inspiration, Warner produced and funded the Nashville all-star project “God Bless the Children” as a gift for The Heart Gallery and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption/Foster Care. The video, shot by award-winning director John Lloyd Miller, became one of the foundation’s most successful PSA campaigns to date and was highlighted at Wendy’s restaurants across the country. Wayne states, “It was a career highlight, being able to make such a difference by complimenting this project with my love for music.” When asked why this meant so much to him, Warner replies, “I tuck my reasons in every night.”

Thousands of letters subsequently poured in regarding the “God Bless The Children” project and the impact it had made, even leading many to become new adoptive parents. Warner soon discovered the impossibilities of denying the kind of difference the power of music could make in a strong and positive way.

As Wayne Warner progressed in his career as a country artist, he also began to speak at several adoption and foster care events. Meetings with PGA Golfer Kirk Triplett also served as an inspiration for The Melodical Hearts Foundation. As adoptive parents and advocates themselves, Kirk and Cathy Triplett formed the amazing Fore Adoption Foundation. “Kirk and Cathy have been fantastic with their support, knowledge and guidance,” says Warner. “They are incredible people doing incredible work.” He is also quick to point out Rene Gunn of the Gift for a Child Foundation as another great source of motivation and guidance. “Her energy, love and enthusiasm for the needs of these children is contagious.”

With The Melodical Hearts Foundation established, Warner was ready to infiltrate the Nashville community with a second all-star musical project. Collectively known as “Major Rising”, artists Bryan White, Linda Davis, Mila Mason, Mark Collie, Kevin Sharp, Jimmy Fortune, and John Berry joined him to create the radio driven single “Dare the World”. The project not only promoted unity and positive messages in music, but it also highlighted many charities supported by the participating artists.

In 2007, Major Rising increased its celebrity line-up with artists Aaron Tippin, Pam Tillis, Shawn King, and many more and released the follow-up holiday album “Christmas Is”. Once again determined to make a difference in the lives of as many people possible, Warner worked with OperationTroopAid.org to have 1,000 copies of the compilation CD/DVD sent to deployed troops.

Fueled by a passion stronger than ever, Wayne Warner was ready to ambitiously take The Melodical Hearts Foundation to the next level with his fourth all-star project, “Music That Matters/50 Files”. Among the artists on this CD/DVD combo are Reba McEntire, Lee Ann Womack, Mark McGuinn, Steven Curtis Chapman, Dolly Parton, and several other well-known names in the industry.

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